Things that stick in my craw…..

October 31, 2006 at 10:15 pm (General stuff, Race)

Well, I’m back with a quick post. First thing, Happy Halloween/Pagan new year. I’ve been buried in so much programing lately it isn’t funny. And I thought making websites was going to be fun, wrong kiddies. But, I digress….

The main thing thats been swirling in my mind as of late has been a matter that has hit close to home. See, I’m from Chicago, and there’s a singer who’s from there that you may have heard about who’s on trial by the name of R. Kelly….There is a gifted writer by the name of Jennifer Daniels who wrote a piece on a BET blog about the trial. The link is here:
Well, the responses were mostly appalling, ranging from the downright stupid to the downright sad.

I’ll probably get flamed to death for what I’m about to say, so I might as well say it….

R. Kelly supporters…..WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YA’LL??? I mean seriously, I’m not saying that ya’ll are crazy but please, explain. What exact mode of logic are ya’ll running on?

The main arguments that I’m sick of hearing about:

Just because we enjoy his music doesn’t mean we condone his actions….

No, that just makes you passive. The man has repeated deviant behavior towards minors and yet you still fund him by buying his albums, going to his concerts and turning an apathetic laden blind eye to the fact that the richer he becomes the more he could use his gains to pursue more young black girls.

Can you say the word “enable” kiddies? I knew you could.

It’s the girl’s fault, for being “hot assed” where were her parents? She’s a little…

STOP RIGHT NOW! While it may be true that some girls act way beyond their age limits (then again who didn’t at that age) that last time I checked, Robert is an adult and simply put HIS ASS SHOULD KNOW BETTER. But no, you must call his victims (allegedly) everything but, as my mom would say “a child of god” saying that they are slutty and deserved it. What the hell is wrong with ya’ll? And people wonder why some of the victims chose to take settlements instead of going to court. With (lack of) support from your own community, would you like to be dragged through the mud on a stand and have to relive all that happened? It reminds me of a speaker I had in my self defense class. She said many women chose not to go to trial because its like getting violated all over again.

I don’t care if the girls in question were running around his front lawn naked doing cartwheels, R. Kelly is grown and last time I checked, the legal age of consent in IL is not 14 if your partner is a grown ass man. He should of either said no, or maybe have consensual sex with someone around his age. (What a novel fucking concept.)

If R. Kelly wasn’t a rich, successful singer and the little girl was your daughter/niece, cousin, godchild, friend’s daughter etc. would you say those things? No, you wouldn’t even think them silently let alone say them out loud. It’s a lot easier to tear down a young victim rather than hold a middle aged man accountable these days….

He’s innocent until proven guilty. Why can’t you be supportive of your fellow brother, why can’t we get along and live in harmony and unity?

Last time I checked, Mom and Dad only had one child and that was me, so teh R. ain’t my brother. As for uplifting our community, I’m sorry for sounding cold, but I’ll save my uplifting for someone who deserves it, I.E. someone who uplifts.

If he wasn’t a star, if he didn’t have the twin cannons of wealth and status on his side, would anyone even defend him, except his lawyer(s) I mean. No, he would more than likely rot in jail. But because, 1. he can sing, 2. he has money and 3. he’s black, I’m supposed to shut up, get out my little red, black and green pom-poms and be supportive. Negro, please! What message are we sending to our community, especially our black girls who will one day become black women? “You mean the world to us, but if you get molested by a superstar then you’re SOL. Sorry.” What a way to show our love and how much we value black females.

I’m sorry that this seems so negative but it’s been on my mind for a long time. How can we grow as a community when we can’t even hold a member of it accountable for their actions, which we know are negative and detrimental?


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Katrina, the failure played out in stereo…..

August 28, 2006 at 11:36 pm (General stuff, Poli-ticking, Race)

 This is my post for Shakephere’s Sister’s Blog Swarm. I wish I had the eloquence to write something profound or resonating like the other bloggers. All I can give are my thoughts and heart.

Today, is August 28th, for some it signals the beginning of the long work week, for others like me, it signals the first day of classes. This post is not about any of these things I’m afraid. This is about the one year anniversary of act of nature that was Hurricane Katrina and the acts (or lack thereof) of men that was the destruction of New Orleans. The president would rather ignore this marking, have us focus on the 5th year anniversary of 9/11 only. He would rather we be more concerned about who’s the next American Idol or what Paris Hilton is wearing, rather than people remembering the incompetence, the lack of planning and intelligence and the overall apathy that led to the many casualties..why do I call the deaths both immediate and overtime caused by Katrina casualties, because the citizens of the Gulf Coast were casualties in the war on class, sacrifices to the altar of hate, bigotry, greed, hypocrisy, incompetence and irresponsibility….

 In order to insure the status quo, some must enjoy the spoils,while others suffer. The infrastructure of New Orleans was clear cut proof of that. The success of The Bush administration’s Social Darwinism led to the failure and abandonment of so many. And why? Wrong color? Wrong color of money? Not a part of the base? What ever happened to “Do to the least of my brethren, you do to me?” I know in this day and age little things like logic no longer apply, I guess morals don’t either….

One year has passed and yet progress is still slow, money and housing still hasn’t come to the survivors, families have been scattered to the winds. Most of our citizens have lost faith that we are ready for any disaster that may happen be it natural or man made… The blood stains that came from waters of New Orleans will never come clean from this nation’s hands, as long as we remain hate-filled and apathetic towards our brothers and sisters, our fellow citizens, no matter what race, gender, religion, sexuality, age or class that they are.  I want to believe that this country has learned its lessons: that it won’t turn a blind eye anymore to the suffering of its people. But, whenever I remember Katrina, I remember the sadness I felt for the Gulf Coast, and I remember the rage at the government that left it to die…

We cannot come complacent and forget, we cannot doubt it happened and we can no longer not hold our leaders accountable. Rarely forgive and never forget…..

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