What year is this again? I don’t remember

September 8, 2007 at 1:57 pm (General stuff)

So, I returned on friday with all of my materials and was ready to transfer. This is what happened…..

Supervisor: Where did you set up your tcf account? 

Me: Tcf Lakeview

Supervisor: And where did you deposit this check?

Me: Here last friday, this is my normal bank (Closest one to the house) 

Supervisor: I’m sorry but I can’t transfer this amount of money from your account….

Me:….What……Supervisor: (Turns computer monitor) See your ID number is all 9’s. If you’re going to be transfering money out of your account you must have your pin and an ID number. 

Dad: (nearby) What?!!! So you’re saying that she can deposit her money but she can’t take it out?

Supervisor: She can withdraw money but only $250 at a time with her pin, she’ll have to go back to the branch in which she created her account and have them fix it for her….

Now that was a falsehood when she said it. You see, not only a year ago, I had overage checks that I transfered and I got money that was transfered from the ‘rents to my account that was several thousand dollars without a hitch and I was able to take out my money quickly without any problems. If the ID issue was true, wouldn’t they have flagged my account sooner? And, wouldn’t this had been pertanent info, oh I don’t know FOUR years ago when the account was created? 

See, at the time my account was created I was in High school and I hadn’t gotten my state ID yet, The branch manager of the bank on Wilson where I used to live created the account for me. I’ve never had problems with large sums of money until today. 

No one in my family likes taking NO for an answer so we waited and talked with the Asst. Manager. She gave us a song and dance that her hands were tied and that she can’t approve it otherwise she’d get in trouble with the Branch manager (if that were so then whats the point of being an assistant manager?) She talked to the supervisor about the situation and supervisor said with a severe huff “You can approve it but i’m not going to approve it!” It was kinda shocking considering me and dad were still in the ROOM at the time. But I digress,  then the supervisor changed her story again saying that it was the large sum of money that was why I couldn’t transfer it, which again I knew to be a falsehood (See above).

Let me guess: Is it because I sport the life tan* and the neighborhood which I currently live in/grew up in isn’t nice and I obviously must be trying to scam money even though I work hard at the asscrack of dawn til sundown and its my money in my own account? Shouldn’t I hypotetically be able to do what I want with it including withdraw it all and shit on it because its my money?!  After an hour me and dad just politely left and headded home. 

On the way home, I called their customer service line and they told me that what the Supervisor and Asst. Manager told me were lies. I should  be able to transfer my own damn money without any problems. I transfered it in bits and pieces over the phone, tomorrow, I’m going to my original bank and settling this shit once and for all.

Summary: They flat out lied and treated me like a criminal when I was trying to get money out of my own fucking account. As soon as this is resolved tomorrow and I’m sure that my student loan payments are automated to my Wa Mu Account, I’m closing down my TCF account. I’ve had it, this is the straw that broke Krys’ back.  Gods I just was hoping that it wasn’t a case of them being discrimilatory and that I was imagining things, but it’s not. I’m not a person that even talks about most of the racist bs that goes on for me at a daily basis but this shit is dead wrong and its 2007? What the hell?                                                                                    


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