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February 15, 2007 at 4:59 am (General stuff)

After a long hiatus because of moving, and graduating and trip and all that good stuff I write again….for a good reason…



  You see, there is a blogger who’s writing I admire, her blog is called Shakespeares’ Sister. Her name is Melissa. Her and another blogger who’s work I like named Amanda became part time consultants for John Edward’s campaign. Things were going well until a fellow by the name of Bill Donahue Apparently, Mr. D. didn’t like their critisms (On their own personal blogs mind you, not on Edward’s actual) of the catholic church, and called them bigots.

We’re not even going to get into the threats and the namecalling and rampant hate and misagony that the girls had to deal with. We’ll just say they were called, in my grandma’s words “Everything but a child of god”.

They both bowed out, not because they were made to by the campaign but after all the idealogical smackdown due to trolls and the exposure to their families, they had it. They stepped down to insure that the canidate that they believed in didn’t take a massive hit, thanks to a fundie and a bunch of  “Brave souls” who like to intimidate women from the privacy of their machines.

See, in my experience with Christians, they fall into 3 Categories: Those who actually follow Jesus’ teachings of love, helping their fellow man, forgiveness, non judgement and compassion. I’ve been fortunate to have several of these folks as friends…

There are those who are passive in their christainty, because its more of a routine rather than part of their lives, probably because thats all they know.

The last kind are probably the most scary, and I’m sure every religion has one. The ones who never question and follow their religion with unblinding loyalty. Anyone who questions them is a threat and anyone who doesn’t believe in what they believe are threats of the highest caliber, even if that is by just existing. They throw words of hate and actions of malice while not realising they are acting in the exact opposite of their master’s teachings. In gamer and comic speak, we call those fanboys/bois

I don’t hate Jesus, I don’t hate christianity. I do dislike Jesus’ fanboi’s however….
Because, we all know that sinful women like this should be stopped. You know, for pointing out folks who believe that if a woman gets pregnant, no matter what circumstances  should have it. Folks who believe in a religion who’s structure plays the shell game with hiding and moving pedophiles on unsuspecting families but hates gays and dislikes women in power positions. end/sarcasm

A tad bit contradictory to the original message, don’t you think?

I believe that Shakes and Amanda expressed more class and dignity than their attackers who are supposed to be followers of God. I believe very much God And I believe that true, honest, sincere followers of Christ wouldn’t threaten or wish harm on women, especially over the internet to further their cowardice.

Shakes and Amanda, keep writing, keep telling the truth and don’t let idiots silence your voice. Besides your intelligence, its the most important tool we have on this earth…


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