Cultural Anthropology thoughts pt. 2: Purgatory of Adolescence

September 20, 2006 at 1:58 am (General stuff)

Today in Cultural Anthropology, we talked about Margaret Mead. She stated that because our culture lacks a puberty ceremony (A ceremony to signify that you are an adult and afterwards are regarded as such) and that we elongate the period between childhood and adulthood that it impacts the stressfulness of adolescence. That being said, I’m inclined to agree with her on some points.I’m liked to agree that in this country, though we value innocence, we draw the entire period between adult hood and childhood. Now, I’m not saying we should blame the whole of society’s ills on this, but it could be a mitigating factor. In case you haven’t heard the memo, adolescence sucks. It’s a period of stress and frustration that most adults would never want to travel through again.

Kids are not the fragile innocent creatures we portray them as. Kids are going to grow up, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. They should be able to mature at their own pace, no faster or slower because both can be detrimental. You cannot have your children raised both ways. You can’t say, you cannot do or say or think something because you are a child and then in the same breath state that you have to do or say or think something because you are an adult. It’s kinda hard to grow as a mature fully functioning adult if you’re getting mixed signals. Sorry I got all ranty, but these are the random thoughts that were going through my head. Tommorow, I’ll be writing about the reaction to the class topic….which will be….Abortion!


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