I know I’ve been changed….

August 30, 2006 at 12:00 am (General stuff)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the internet lately. Ever since I’ve recieved my first computer, I’ve been on the internet. I used to frequent chat rooms and games, now I never do (the chats not the games. Not even internet forums which I’ve frequent and blogs I’ve read seem to hold my attention…

Maybe the internet has outgrown me, or maybe I’ve outgrown it somewhat. When I was younger, it was an outlet, an escape from the bad situations I was going through, a place that I could find community, a sympathetic ear and a place where I belong…Now i’m older and a bit wiser, I’ve had to move away from my family and support system, I had to learn to live on my own, I’ve loved and had my heart broken, I escaped an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. Good things have happened because of the internet (Raven and Kiro, which i’ll talk about later.) But, I don’t need it as much as I used to. Life has happened as it always has and will, and maybe the veil and allure has been lost. Or maybe, my life has truely gone offline. The internet is a tool, that can be used for good or used destructively. But, its not the only driving force in my life anymore. Maybe it means that for the first time in a long time, i’ll be unpluged…..



  1. CP said,

    It is also a great tool, therapeutically. I long outgrew the chats, the online gaming, the instant messaging…hell, even emailing. But blogging? It’s an amazing outlet. I do it for myself. It’s the one place where I feel my “real life” and my online world can co-exist peacefully.

    Don’t hit the “off” button just yet.


  2. shadowlady said,

    Squee, people actually read this bloody thing 🙂
    First, Thank you for commenting on my blog! I’ve been reading your’s a lot (not in a scary stalkerish way) and I’m just glad you stopped by. I think you’re right. Even though I have friends and a therapist, its good to get my feelings out online through blogging. Sometimes, its the only way i don’t go crazy or smack a bitch/boy bitch. Teehee.
    Thanks for dropping by,

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